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sams in iowa

AnarchistBob: i already have mail from the "outside" world
AnarchistBob: shoot
AnarchistBob: i gotta
})FA_Brena: heh
AnarchistBob: jet
})FA_Brena: alright
AnarchistBob: ill check you later man
AnarchistBob: t ake it easy
})FA_Brena: yea
})FA_Brena: peace have fun
AnarchistBob: give my love to everyon
AnarchistBob: e
})FA_Brena: hehe i will
AnarchistBob: and tell them theyll probaly see them all on irc soon
AnarchistBob: and hali
AnarchistBob: e
AnarchistBob: i said hello
AnarchistBob: later
})FA_Brena: :) of course
})FA_Brena: lates
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January 23 2003, 03:35:16 UTC 14 years ago

I traced you ya bitch... Leave us alone. just cause ull never have love. well fuck off
I already have love, you don't because you make up this relationship with Halie. SHe doesnt love you or jon she is just a worthless ho.


January 23 2003, 17:04:48 UTC 14 years ago

your pathetic!!! give it up. you have love, so go enjoy it, dont spend all that valuable time you have making fun of other people you know nothing about because you dont have a life or anything better to do.
Halie deserves every bit of it.
dont do this. please just go away. thank you
You are just a little fucking pussy, like I said she deserves it, she is a no good ugly 2 cent ho.


January 23 2003, 19:13:48 UTC 14 years ago

you really dont know anything. halie and ben broke up over a year ago. ben has been telling people they are still going since then but its not true. as much as he hates to admit it she is not going out with him. he tries to tell everyone they are together, they are getting married, but none of it is true and if he could just admit that maybe this could stop.
ur wrong u dont know qabout halie and i. u dont knwo the half of it
You are really fucking pathetic if you have a made up relationship, you know?
o but i dont :)
Well all I am hearing now is how you do, lets hear it Ben, I'm dying to know your lame excuse.
o but i dont :)its not made up
Haha. Prove it.
Well then I was wrong and I apologize, so Ben is really the pathetic one?
I really am sorry.
That is kind of sad telling someone you are dating when you aren't.


January 24 2003, 06:05:54 UTC 14 years ago

ben just give it up. even if you were in a relationship with halie i hope you would be happy with her avoiding you, not picking up the phone, complaining about you, making fun of you. you could end all of this by just admitting to it and you still wont. yet you say you 'love' her.
like i said you dont know the half of it. trust me there is so much more than whatever it is you think you know. whoever the heck you are. so hey you dont know what goes on between halie and i when we are together. so back off. cause u really dont know what your talking about. cause we do very much love eachother.
you knew exactly who it was. stop the stupid little innocent games. you shut off anonymous posters and you still have me banned. give it up already or like she said, prove it
This is Halie. I know you don't think very highly of me for whatever reason but I want you to know for the sake of everyone invalved in this that I am only with one person and that one person is John. I love him more then anything and that is the honest truth. I love him and I honestly don't care to be with anyone else or see that happening. You can believe what you wish to believe, listen to others or take it from the real person. I love John and that's it.

C- ya
too bad halie didnt write that though :)
your a smart boy ben. why dont you just ask her. or check the ip. ya see how its not mine?? you could even have the email she sent me before she posted it.
fucking asshole
since ur talking to her. tell her that im about to go use those new knives.