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    Sunday, May 26th, 2002
    9:54 pm
    publishing web page on comp
    i give up lol, i need a book on this.....
    8:35 pm
    Grrrr i got dragged into going to the parade by Michelle and her mom. *tears* (i still smiling dont worry). Halie gets back tomorrow as well YEY!! but this parade thing grrrrr. I must re-iterate once again just so you people dont htink things, there is not nor will there be anything going on between us... Ok good glad you all know that now. Anyways, I called Halies house today, her voice is on the answering machine *smiles*. I smiled hearing it. Prom is soon. I applied online at the AMC 20 movie theater.... i migth also call them tomorrow or just go down there and talk to them or something, im not sure yet. Hopefully they call back on like tuesday or something and tell me, otherwise i will call them wedensday. i added up the cost of prom. its $625 before any pictures are taken. add another 70-100 to that *faints*. oh well Halies worth it. Worth that and so much more. But anyways. I miss her, im really bored too. Indy 500 was on today *whines* *smiles* hehe must keep smiling, so i will. Mowed the lawn and everything today. what fun. Needed the money so its all good. Well im out for now i guess i dunno if ill write tomorrow or not. Halie be safe ont he way home.
    Benny Boy

    Current Mood: lonely
    6:10 pm
    Enemy At The Gates
    That was such a good movie, the end of it makes you want to cry. Its so sweet(Special) when he sees her at the end in the hospital... Youd have to see it to know what im talking about. It made you want to cry though. That was a great movie. And that one scene oh wow! sexual.....LoL. anyways. it was a great movie and i reccomend it to anyone looking for a movie to rent.
    Benny Boy

    Current Mood: lonely
    5:01 pm
    yea it would be nice idea.... week after prom... fawk get up early... tears.... smiles :-p...... oh well. it will be cool

    Current Mood: lonely
    4:49 pm
    4:44 pm
    i hate the lawn :-p
    I just finished, grrr on the lawn, my arms are now like numbish weak and i smell like boy!!!!!!!!!! hehe :-p

    Current Mood: lonely
    1:49 pm
    indy 500
    Its on.
    Saturday, May 25th, 2002
    5:00 pm
    Thats it, today officially SUCKS!!!

    Current Mood: lonely
    3:52 pm
    Modem went down for a few minutes, but its all better. Im bored, very bored. flew from Detroit to Lubbock on Flight sim 2k2. was much fun. ok it was racing was on while it was raining. and the red wings also are playing today/now. you know how much that sucks?????? Im getting dragged to the Memorial day parade on Monday by Michelles mom from north. No there is not going on between us and nothing ever will be so i dont want to hear that. alright? Good glad we got that cleared up. I guess were sorta friends, i mean we do talk online some of the time, but her responses arnt very talk implicative. IM BORED. I miss Halie .. theres no-one to talk to at all.... i miss Halie.
    Benny Boy

    Current Mood: lonely
    Thursday, May 23rd, 2002
    3:00 pm
    *Last Day*
    Well today was the last day of High School for me. I lost all of my support group that i saw like every day. even if alot of them were freshman *winks* These ones were alright. Im happy to be out of school, but im really going to miss the people in school. Ive got to go back 4 different days after tomorrow though, because its pratice days for conducting. Im trying to be strong, but dont worry i am smiling>/b>! *Smiles* I think orchestra was the hardest hour. Being finally on the inside of the "Senior Circle" having to say good-bye to the people i knew most. They were the majority of the people i talked to. And being on the inside with the music that was being played wasnt as easy as it was when i was on the outside of the circle. We did a practice graduation during smart. it was alright. i got my community service cords, there silver *Big Smiles* :-D . best color right? exactly. ive got a headache. i need excedrin or something. lol. poor me. Halie leaves today. i called and her moms like "i dont want you on the phone" well grrr on her. Halie said yesterday "ill talk to you after school" well that just got shot. Oh well. She gets back tuesday Prom is like saturday *Excited*. Diane was sorta being nice to me today. Well sorta, at lunch i guess. she said congratulations to me. i was like ummm ok. thanks, you 2... anyways..... lost my train of thought so im gonna go now. Halie im going to miss you.
    Benny Boy

    Current Mood: lonely
    Saturday, May 18th, 2002
    9:25 pm
    Im doing something i wanted do to since like 10th grade. Im conducting Into The Storm in front of everyone at graduation. Im nervous as hell though. Ive been practicing in class. but im nervous. I can do it though this has been like my dream. Im so nervous. But im receiving support from somewhere. and that one place is all the support i need. they know who they are and are very dear to me. thats all im going to say. I Love You

    Maestro Benny Boy

    Current Mood: loved
    Friday, May 10th, 2002
    9:00 pm
    Saturday, May 4th, 2002
    7:43 pm
    got my very own BlockBuster card (you can use it anywhere, you just have to return the stuff the where you rented it from)
    6:43 pm

    Current Mood: lonely
    4:27 pm
    WIN ME=
    Sunday, April 28th, 2002
    11:58 pm
    1337 Pr0gr4mm3r

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Thursday, April 11th, 2002
    3:43 pm
    dont know. ive almost given up on my journal. why tell you ppl when all i do is get fucking bitched at. well someone doesnt bitch at me. but no1 ever comments or anything. every one else that i know gets comments. Also no1 ever emails me. NO-ONE WHATSOEVER. come on people. you all pretended at one point in my life to care. but i guess no1 ever did. it was all a damn front. Halie used to email me, and i still have every single one of her emails, and chersih them. i reread them all the time. I email ppl, and never get any back. so im about to give up on people. except for one that i know cares. maybe they could email me sometimes, those email games were fun lol.
    Monday, April 1st, 2002
    12:00 am
    And i got reasons 2. but they are my private personal ones that i hold dear to me. so back off and go away about it
    I LOVE YOU HALIE, I REALLY MISS YOU!!!!! Come home soon Babe.
    I need to Cuddle.
    I Love You More than we both ever thought possible. you were right. i think this is bringing us closer.

    Current Mood: lonely yet loving
    Tuesday, March 26th, 2002
    10:59 pm
    Sunday, March 24th, 2002
    12:31 am
    #1 out of 232 in cs tourny HELL YEA!
    })FA({ KICKZ AZZ

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Thursday, March 21st, 2002
    1:53 pm
    Im making the plans now... need to start....

    :-D :-D

    Love ya Halie,
    Benny boy
    Monday, March 18th, 2002
    3:41 pm
    well we got one 2 and the rest of our scores were straight ones in the orchestra cometition, Halie was able to go which excited me greatly, you have no idea what it meant to me. Now we have to go to states on either the 3rd or 4th of may. damnit. Halie and i had alot of fun at the bowling fundraiser for Alyssa. My teacher heard something on the news about some bowling thing raising over 16k dollars. im thnking its th one we were at. Thats so awesome, she was so cute. She really doesnt deserve this. Halie was telling this guy about having all her brain sugeries, and i couldnt help but have a tear roll down my face while i was changing back into my regular shoes. Shes sick today, so i made her chicken noodle soup and am gonna call her soon to see if i can bring it to her. shes asleep. im talking to her mom. im supposed to come over 5:30-6:00 ... I feel so bad for Halie, i want to be sick for her, you all have no idea. But hey im doing my best so that she feels better. Im gonna go now. see ya all later.

    I Love Ya Halie, Feel Better, *Kisses* *Snuggles*


    Current Mood: worried
    Saturday, March 16th, 2002
    8:52 am

    You are the classic yellow squeeky toy.

    Find your inner rubber ducky.
    Monday, March 11th, 2002
    4:18 pm
    Limo stuff..... Thats waht i be doing
    Sunday, March 10th, 2002
    9:46 pm
    Fallen Angels- RS division
    Chris Bacon (FA_Lancer) wrote this about me under the (ive recruited) section of his profile. Se Halie Tild ya it was FA_Brena

    FA_Brena - One of MY friends from school... He is in my Orchestra, and one day he braught the RS strat guide to class. I gave him a tryout and as it turns out, this guy mops the floor with anything that moves. He has unparreleled accuracy, the likes of nothing i've ever seen, and a quick trigger finger likewise.

    Love You Sweetheart,
    Benny Boy
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