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Well the lil jump kick thingy FHS did was cute. However, im sure that not what all of you want to know about, you want to know about the picnic. Well theres nothing to tell.. LoL.. I went there like i said i would. Michelles mom helped set up, and i talked to her so she knew i was there. well i guess i should also tell you that the parade only went a lil over an hour and it started at 10, but the bands did lay some wreath somewhere ..... anyways.. I stayed till 1:30 and Michelle still wasnt there so i left. No oppurtunity for anything to happen. YEY!!! Cause i think i made it clear, but i have been saying that nothing would happen anyways. But leaving at that time made it so i couldnt get asked to go do something with a group next weekend, though i would have brought Halie. She gets back today, dont know when though. I want her back here *tears* *smiles* always *smiles* *giggles* anyways. so yea hopeing she gets back soon, id love to see her today. I miss her so much. Im home alone today.. As well as some other days this week, whenever dad is working im here alone. My mom left for texas earlier today. WOOOO HOOOO. go me! Well thats about all for now.
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