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[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<zen|brena>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

[1:53am] <ZEN|Brena> omg
[1:53am] <ZEN|Brena> omfg
[1:53am] <ZEN|Brena> somethings weird here
[1:53am]«+ Cobra|Dead » Øh MY God
[1:53am]«+ FA|FL-Solo » Brena I'm gonna steal your butthairs
[1:53am]«+ Cobra|Dead » Øh MY Fukin God
[1:53am]«+ Cobra|Dead » {{ £åügHîñg Øüt £öüÐ }}
[1:53am] <ZEN|Brena> no dejavo dood
[1:53am] <ZEN|Brena> [1:52am]«+ Cobra|Dead » {{ £åügHîñg Øüt £öüÐ }}
[1:53am] <ZEN|Brena> [1:52am]«+ Cobra|Dead » wait, im supposed to be dead
[1:53am] <ZEN|Brena> [1:52am]«+ Cobra|Dead » fawk
[1:53am] <ZEN|Brena> i swear ive like seen this before
[1:53am] <ZEN|Brena> exactly those tiems
[1:53am] <ZEN|Brena> in that order
[1:53am]«@ FA|RS-Myth» hey bren...
[1:53am] <ZEN|Brena> yea
[1:53am]«+ FA|FL-Solo » ...
[1:53am]«+ Cobra|Dead » when did u see those?
[1:53am]«+ FA|FL-Solo » brena im definately stealing your butthairs
[1:54am] <ZEN|Brena> lol
[1:54am]«@ FA|RS-Myth» do yourself a favor and go knock yourself out
[1:54am] <ZEN|Brena> lol
[1:54am] <ZEN|Brena> its like ive seen it in a dream
[1:54am] <ZEN|Brena> or soemthing
[1:54am]«@ FA|RS-Myth» ...oh boy
[1:54am]«+ Cobra|Dead » ahhh
[1:54am]«+ FA|FL-Solo » ...you dream about mirc?
[1:54am] Quits: FA|RS-Myth (myth@c-24-98-61-89.atl.client2.attbi.com) (Quit:)
[1:54am]«+ FA|FL-Solo » how sad?
[1:54am]«+ Cobra|Dead » no
[1:54am] <ZEN|Brena> maybe someone else said it before
[1:54am]«+ Cobra|Dead » he dreams what he sees
[1:54am]«+ Cobra|Dead » moron
[1:54am]«+ Cobra|Dead » not just about mirc
[1:54am]«+ Cobra|Dead » i dream about it too
[1:54am] <ZEN|Brena> i dream about Halie
[1:54am]«+ Cobra|Dead » ill be typing and swear ive seen it b4
[1:54am] <ZEN|Brena> and soemtimes other stuff
[1:54am] <ZEN|Brena> yea
[1:54am] <ZEN|Brena> exactly!
[1:54am]«+ Cobra|Dead » i dream about stuff going on and then it happens
[1:55am]«+ FA|FL-Solo » ...
[1:55am] <ZEN|Brena> yaya
[1:55am]«+ Cobra|Dead » my friend
[1:55am]«+ Cobra|Dead » david
[1:55am]«+ Cobra|Dead » who is here right now
[1:55am] <ZEN|Brena> and olos u know i dont do drugs or drink so that dont explain it
[1:55am]«+ Cobra|Dead » his brother had a dream
[1:55am]«+ Cobra|Dead » about a German aircraft exploding
[1:55am]«+ Cobra|Dead » over see
[1:55am]«+ Cobra|Dead » sea
[1:55am]«+ FA|FL-Solo » acid trip is out of the question right?
[1:55am] <ZEN|Brena> totally
[1:55am]«+ Cobra|Dead » and he said, " I feel sorry for the Germans
[1:55am]«+ Cobra|Dead » and on the news the next week
[1:55am]«+ Cobra|Dead » it sais German Aircraft exploded over pacific ocean...
[1:56am]«+ Cobra|Dead » see
[1:56am]«+ Cobra|Dead » everyone has capability
[1:56am]«+ Cobra|Dead » even you
[1:56am]«+ Cobra|Dead » solo
[1:56am]«+ Cobra|Dead » i mean
[1:56am]«+ FA|FL-Solo » no
[1:56am]«+ FA|FL-Solo » i dont
[1:56am]«+ Cobra|Dead » u r one of the 2 % who thought uniquely...
[1:56am]«+ Cobra|Dead » so u should have plenty of uniqueness....
[1:56am] <ZEN|Brena> ya
[1:56am]«+ Cobra|Dead » if not, then you don't know everything you talk about
[1:56am] ChanServ sets mode: +l 18
[1:57am]«+ FA|FL-Solo » HEHE
[1:57am]«+ Cobra|Dead » {{ £åügHîñg Øüt £öüÐ }}
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