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*Planned Marriage*

The People: Ben and Halie
The place: Fenton, Michigan
Date: 3/17/07
Colors: Green, it is on St. Patricks day after all!!!!

Alright. This is a little ways off but no time is too soon to start planning. Within the last year we have talked more and more Seriously about actually geting married. The ceremony will probably be quite big as she has a large family and they love doing special events. Lots of dancing and things along those lines. Her mom is going to be her Maide Of Honor. I think thatsa great idea. I havent picked my Best Man yet, but I have it narrowed down to a few people. The Honeymoon. Dont know where yet, most likely someplace that is warm. Halie gets cold very easily so gotta keep her comfy :)
But in retrospect all were really gonna need is that DO NOT DISTURB!!! Sign outside our door! The last 2 years of my life have been awesome and i cant wait to live the rest of it with her
Halie Marie
I Love You
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